Utah's Online School Library now includes over 4,000 titles in the Sora eBook Utah K-12 Curriculum Library. This new collection is available to all Utah K-12 schools free of charge.

What is Sora?

Sora is a free app and website that allows K-12 students to borrow eBooks and audiobooks from their school's Sora library. Sora is available on tablets, desktops, chromebooks/laptops and personal mobile devices.

To access Sora:

New to Sora?

  • Go to or open the Sora app.
  • Click the blue, "Find your school" button.
  • Select your school or district. Sign in using your school information.
  • Search for "Utah K-12 Curriculum Library".

Current Sora User

  • Open your Sora app and sign in using your school information.
  • Go to the three bar menu and choose "+ Add Library"
  • Search for "Utah K-12 Curriculum Library"

Don't see your school or district?

We're here to help! A UEN or Sora representative will need to authenticate your school to access the Utah K-12 Curriculum library. Please contact us at

Research databases and materials may not be appropriate for all ages. Users are advised to follow information literacy standards and practices.